Why Online Education?

I think that every parent desires the best education possible for their child. In my world, it is keeping them at home and taking responsibility for their education myself. However, I still have “standards” or goals of my own that I desire to help them reach.
At the beginning of our own homeschool education journey, we traveled down many roads. From DVD courses to computer based programs, we tried many different things. All with the hopes to meet each child’s individual needs, to keep them very interested, and to challenge them to reach beyond themselves. With all of the wonderful curriculum out there for homeschoolers, I had difficulty finding something that would meet my own personal “standards”.
That was when I began thinking of online education for my children. (Back to those elementary school daydreams of children working at their own pace!) I knew that I wanted something that would meet all my criteria, help me plan, and track their progress. Most online educational programs are very individual oriented, are engaging, and have some type of parent tracking. I began searching for the one that seemed to fit our needs the best…
Five of my children began using an online education program this year. Some of my blogs will be about their success and struggles as we work through this exciting adventure of online education!

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