Dear Children…

On a personal note, this week has been a bit frustrating. My son has been very reluctant to do his online work on He is a typical 8 year old boy – would rather be outside playing cowboys and Indians. We have several children doing Time4Learning and so they have to share the 3 computers that we have. Dear son uses this as an excuse to avoid doing it at all.
Monday – he avoided the issue and snuck through the cracks…. I determined then that I would personally make sure that he did what I had asked him to. This eventually led to me sitting beside him while he did his online courses. By the time it was done, he was laughing and having a good time! WHY does he drag his feet? The only thing that I could come up with was that: one, he doesn’t usually like trying new things, and two, he is a perfectionist and really hates it when he misses questions.
I was able to show him that he could go back and do the quizzes and and other things that he was not happy with over again. This definitely seemed to brighten his countenance and make him more relaxed.
I have 5 daughters, so my one and only “boy” is new territory in so many of these learning areas. Girls and boys think, feel, and respond so differently. Boys are new for me, but it is always so exciting and challenging seeing his amazing differences at work! All part of that exciting learning “adventure” that we are on!!!

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