Giving thanks…

In this wonderful age of technology and speed – it is a nice change to take a moment and let it all slow down around you. Life is full of treasures and blessings – if we can only see them. Today, the children and I are writing down all of the wonderful things that make us thankful. Of course, they had many varied responses such as – my dolly, mommy and daddy, being able to homeschool, and even my hotwheels cars. I was so suprised when my daughter said she was thankful for her computer school. I never would have thought that the children would be thankful for “school.” But in reality, they should be. All I see and hear is the comlaining and grim faces. So, I am thrilled that I discovered a little secret about them – they do like school!

Take a minute this thanksgiving and ask your children what they are thankful for – you just may be suprised!

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One thought on “Giving thanks…

  1. Darlene December 12, 2009 at 4:56 am

    I am thankful for a WONDERFUL friend who uncovers such useful and practical resources, not to mention shares her love for learning, with those of us who may be a little more challenged in that department!

    I love you…and LOVE Homeschooling!

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