Can you write like a third grader?

Why does writing tend to be one of our most challenging subjects?  In our homeschool, other areas are typically covered with ease… maybe a few frantic moments with math…  uhmmm….  But most of our agravation stems from making an attempt at writing.  I have recently posted about my two older daughters and their current struggle with research papers.  Well, to update you on that – we are still in the notecard process.  It is going slowly, but going.   Today, I have been thinking about my two third graders… twins, of course,  and writing from their vantage point.   Well, I don’t know if that would be too good. Their vantage point would be the abolishment of any type of writing at all.  They have learned most of the parts of speech, and understand capitalization and punctuation, but still hate putting complete thoughts into print.  They especially hate putting several sentences together into paragraphs.  With this in mind – I decided I would check out what the writing standards for third grade consisted of.  (I don’t know, I guess I am a sucker for discouragement…)

Anyway, I have to admit that I was absolutely shocked at what the standards consisted of.  My third graders would cry and scream and scream and scream if I carried out the “write and rewrite and rewrite” advice.   I have to admit, I was a bit disapointed that my third graders seemed to be a bit behind the standards for their grade, however, it gave me a new goal!  You see, the standards are to be used as our “goals.” I have often said it is difficult for the homeschool parent to see all the cracks and gaps in our children’s education… but today I had a great opportunity.  The magnifying glass was held up – and I could see some BIG gaps. Check out this post about “gaps.” The positive side is that we have several months before third grade is finished, and I hope to use these standards as a guideline for improving our third grade writing skills. Maybe by May they will be writing several paragraph stories with examples and comparisons… whooohooo wouldn’t that be great!!!

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3 thoughts on “Can you write like a third grader?

  1. Frank Zweegers April 27, 2012 at 4:14 am

    Writing a paper or essay is more difficult than it might look or most people think it is. Pretty hard to formulate the sentences in logical form and order.

  2. Mae Knuteson November 7, 2012 at 6:11 am

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  3. Rodney December 21, 2014 at 8:40 am

    That picture ckreacd me up! Congrats on your 1st week of successful homeschooling! If I were there, I’d bring over some mocha around…say…4pm and we could hang while the big girls played and we bribe G into “babysitting” Jolie 🙂

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