Do Homeschoolers include fine arts studies?

Do home school families have consistent fine arts studies?
Yes, we have fine arts (art, music, dance) class at least once a week
We have fine arts studies that are not consistent
No, we do not have fine arts(art, music, or dance) class

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I have to admit that I often will put aside the “extras” especially when we are in a particularly busy or stressfull season of life. I ( who used to be an art teacher) am especially embarassed to say that art is often “pre-empted.” I am trying in 2010 to put more emphasis on the fine arts ( especially music and art) in our home school. We are doing some art instruction together, and one of my daughters has just started an online art program which she absolutely adores. Do you regularly include fine arts instruction? Tell me what your home school does.

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