Super Kids…

Have you ever noticed how amazing our children are?  They can learn so much – so fast!  Sometimes what they learn – is not exactly what we want them to learn…  like all of the dialogue in certain movies!  This past week – I convinced myself that if they could memorize all of the dialogue in their favority movies – they could be memorizing and doing so much more in school.  It is funny but the easiest way to get your children to learn – is by getting them to learn via a fun method!   So, among many other things that I incorporated this week- I also purchased the full 46 song version of schoolhouse rock – every song they ever made.  I think my kids will be learning alot of things in the next month! Maybe the presidents – or how about the parts of speech – remember “Conjunction  – junction – what’s your function…”  I think almost every child in America remembers that one!

We also decided that we would spend more time doing educational games instead of playing meaningless computer games or watching crazy cartoons.  We have seen one of our children get a better understanding of a certain subject matter in just this short space of time – because of an online game that he was using!

And oh… if you are worried that your child couln’t possibly use the computer – HA!  Just try them…  think they won’t be able to manipulate it – or use the keyboard… they will – and FAST!  Especially if you use a online keyboarding game.

Yes, we must admit – though parenting and homeschooling is not easy – are kids are amazing!

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