Are we Educating for the future?

I must admit I am greatly concerned about education today.  The schools are full of children who are being taught an outdated method of education. They are being prepared to face a world – from decades ago.  Yes, schools force teachers to plan lessons with “technology” inclusion.  Yet, the whole “way” we educate is a thing of the past.  Paper pencil education is becoming obsolete in the real world, yet, schools still cling to it.  Why?  Many people believe education today must be just like they were educated.  Yet, with this mentality we are robbing our children of being prepared for the future.  Even Susan Patrick from the U. S. Department of Education says, ” We are so trapped in the memory of what school was like for us. When we were students, the world outside of school looked like the world inside of school. Now, it does not. The paper based system does not make any sense to kids who are coming up in school. Is our educational system geared toward innovation? Do we want an 18th century model or a 21st century model for our schools?”

Home education today is rapidly changing to reflect the real world. I congratulate all of those who are educating their children to meet the demands of the future.  Technology inclusion, entrepreneurial skills, independent thinking, using the internet to access the multitude of knowledge available are all viable means for educating our children with the real world in mind.


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