Foreign Language Home School

Need to study foreign language? That can be a difficult area of study – but not if you find the right resources! There are many high quality resources out there that make learning a foreign language painless. Stick around and check them out!


Want to learn a language in a fun and “different” way – check out TELL ME MORE – to see if this may be the program for you!

Give online learning shot with Professor TOTO

Here a free resource to learning Spanish with Visual Link… check it out – and if you like it you can subscribe for more lessons.

Check out the Learnables for affordable and successful foreign language study.

Power Speak has a great online foreign language study program – lots of fun…

Here is our personal favorite… Rosetta Stone Homeschool.  My ninth grade daughter is using this this year and loves it!

Bob Jones has language kits that work great for homeschooling… they have accompanying CD’s that let you hear as well as read the language.

Switched on Schoolhouse also offers computer based foreign language study.

Abeka offers foreign language study, and the option to lease the course with DVD.  A qualified teacher will instruct your child with regular daily lessons.

Comment and let us know if you have found any other great language resources!!

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