Back to School

Back to School

Well, it is that time of year again. Time for getting back to it.  Time to get back to school. How are you doing?  Have you begun homeschooling yet, or are you still trying to get it organized? Are you still excited, or has the newness already worn off? For us, we have been at it about 3 weeks now. The children are still pretty excited and seem to be interested, but I am beginning to encounter a few of the same old pitfalls.

First, something that started happening at the end of the last school term,  the children are starting to “rush” through work so that they can go play. It is always my desire to instill in them a love to learn, and I believe that they do – to an extent. This week I have tried to remind myself that they are “kids” and kids must play. In fact, at their age play is learning too. So, I had to come up with some guidelines to make sure that we are reaching our goals each day in “school”, before we try to reach our goals in “play.”  I have had to make the rule that they can’t go outside until all of their work has been checked, and fixed if needed.  Unbelievably, this has really made a difference. They know that they will have to fix or redo “rushed” spots, so they are doing a much better job. We had typically just done most of our work together, and I kept an eye on their daily progress.  This new “rule” has for the moment, fixed our situation.

Secondly, I have been a bit discouraged with some of the resources that I had planned for this year. I needed a few more ideas and even some lesson plans. I have been able to regroup a little in this area by looking for resources online. I found some online lesson plans and even some free online study units. I think we will give these a try to see if it helps. I have looked back over my lists of free/cheap  online resources that I published this spring. It reminded me of a few that I had forgotten… if you have time take a peak…

Foreign Language


Free Resources

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