Homeschooling in the South

As Georgia natives, our family is through and through “Southern.” We enjoy living in the South, yet even with all the charm and beauty, we love the hilarious references to it. My husband and I were recently on a weekend away, and ran across this one. I love it…
The South
(Thee Sow-th) noun
The place where… 1)tea is sweet and accents are sweeter, 2)summer starts in April, 3)macaroni and cheese is a vegetable, 4)front porches are wide and words are long, 5) pecan pie is a staple, 6) ya’ll is the only proper noun, 7)chicken is fried and biscuits come with gravy, 8)everything is darlin’, and 9) someone’s heart is always bein’ blessed.

funny – yet so acurate… but I would like to add #10.
…AND homeschoolers are always welcome!

I haven’t always lived in the South. I grew up in one of the Northern states. During that time, that state was not very friendly to homeschoolers. There were many things that needed to be done, including a yearly portfolio that the board of education would review. Seeing the difference between that state’s requirements, and the requirements of homeschoolers in Georgia makes me truly thankful for the freedom we have. Homeschooling in Georgia is wonderful. There are many people that homeschool here, and it seems the number is growing all the time. We meet them everywhere. It is so encouraging to meet new homeschoolers.

I love finding a new homeschooling friend, and picking their brains for new ideas, or resources that they use. Each homeschooling family that I meet has their own unique and wonderful way that they go about it. The educational differences are amazing, but they get the job done – and with great success! Homeschoolers use everything from on line programs to great text resources, from Georgia state games to visiting some of our excellent state parks. It never ceases to amaze me – that wonderful sub culture of homeschoolers!

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