Homeschool Report Card – 5 things to know about SATs

Everything needs checks and balances… accountability is a good thing…

I know in my own life I tend to do a better job, and put more effort into something if I know that I must be accountable for it.  Though state testing requirements vary, many homeschooling students across the country are requried to participate in standardized testing. States require this testing to ensure that students are learning and progress is being made.

1) Standardized tests are for the measurement of a child’s achievement. These tests do not measure students ability or aptitude, that is measured on a separate test (such as the Otis Lennon). Aptitude tests measure the school ability index or what used to be called IQ.

2) Most standardized tests assess only language arts and math. But, prior to having your child tested ask the administrator of the test what subtests are included and then make preparations for SAT study courses, or by purchasing prep books.

3) These tests are called stadardized because the test was taken by a sample set of students who took the test at the same time of year. The test makers take this sample group’s average score and allow it to represent the 50th percentile.

4) Using the same test from year to year for your child’s assessment will ensure a more acurate comparison of norms.

5) The student’s typically do just fine with taking the test, it’s the parents we often worry about!  So, take it easy, mom and dad.  Remember, that this is just one test and is not the “big picture” of your child’s learning. An accurate picture of how your child is achieving will include what they are learning in school, what they are learning at home, and how they do on SATs.

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One thought on “Homeschool Report Card – 5 things to know about SATs

  1. Carol November 4, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    Yes, I too agree about your theory. I do not rely on one test to tell me how my girls are doing with their studies. If they also can do their every lessons plans and pass them, that tells me something. I had a problem with testing when I was a youngest. I got so nervous I bombed the test. Part of the beauty of homeschool is testing your children in your own ways.

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