Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

I have recently been reading alot about Charlotte Mason and her practical style of schooling children. Some people really like her methods… of course, others do not. That is the wonderful thing about homeschooling. Each of us have the freedom to choose the method that we believe is the best for our family and our children. Yet, Ms. Mason has many methods that really seem to work with many types of children. Using her methods involve educating the child in a child centered very non intrusive way.

She encourages the teacher/parent to choose texts that are “living” or extremely interested and that have the ability to come alive for the child. The basic text book is too confined. Usually the text book is written by a team of scholars, who – though educated don’t always exhibit their passion for the subject in a text. Books written by one author about a topic tend to convey more passion about the subject matter.  

She also suggests educating children in small increments of time. Taking 15 minutes to teach a concept, then allowing the child a few minutes for a break. Using highly motivating curriculum, nature studies, and relaxed methods of teaching can really make a difference in how much our child learns. I have started incorporating the 15 minutes interval approach and it has definitely brought us a long way! What methods do you use in your homeschooling?

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