Busy… Busy… Busy…

Wow… I really can’t believe just how busy our summer has been. I was hoping for a laid back  – lots of rest – summer.  It seems we’ve been rushing about with All Stars Baseball and visiting family out of state that we haven’t had a whole lot of time to just rest and refocus. Yet, today has been a start. I was able to delete most of my 1600 plus emails and get the kids back on some of their online summer work. Which for all the fun online sites and and games that I put into their accounts really didn’t motivate them to “jump on” it today.  They did rather drudgingly get going and eventually starting warming up to it.  However, we did sit down and look at some online games that we could apply to the states that we visited in the past few weeks. US state games is an awesome way to incorporate some facts into your experiences this summer.

The next few weeks look a bit more promising… maybe I’ll still be able to have that “laid back” summer after all.

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