The Gender Gap in Education

I have mixed feelings about this issue myself, but after looking at a prominent educational online news page today I almost laughed outloud. One article at the top of the page discussed how to promote gender equity in math and science, another article near the bottom of the page elaborated on how to become aware of learning preferences and differences between boys and girls in these subjects. Are there differences or not? And if there are natural differences then why are we trying to negate them?  So, what are they saying here?

Are there differences or not? An easy way to answer this question would be to ask a mother that has both a boy and girl.  I guess I could qualify for that one… in my opinion there are distinct difference between how a boy and a girl think and learn. Yet, those differences do not devaluate either’s ability to learn or achieve in certain educational fields. A boy just simply “goes at it” differently than a girl. It is not the wrong way, just a different way. Girls read better than boys, and boys do better in math in science… are both just ridiculous statements.  I am female, a very girly female – and have always had strong abilities in math and science. The myth that boys do better than girls in math and science is just that… a myth.

Every child should be given every opportunity to explore their natural strengths. What do you think?

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