Learning Challenges… just stepping stones!

I have six children, and each one is so different from the other. Two are self motivated, two are very visual learners… and two are undecided! 🙂  The two who are visual learners are very difficult to teach. We have a hard time with any type of listening skill. Read alouds are difficult with them, and I have had to find creative ways to build their listening skills. Yet, being creative and using alternative methods is a great way to learn new ways to teach. We have also found that though these two children are in need  of special education, they have areas that they are very strong in.

We have learned that if we use a highly visual and interactive method of learning, they engage and stay on task throughout their assignment. However, if they are left with simple verbal commands you may as well forget it! Learning the ins and outs of the “different” way they approach a subject is exciting and often feels like I am solving a puzzle.  With each bit of progress we make finding new ways to teach them that work, it makes educating them that much easier.

If your child has difficulty learning in certain ways, don’t despair – go at it another way! The best may be just around the corner!

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