Experts at Home

Homeschool parents are every bit a part of the field of professional educators, the question is… are we novices in this field or experts?
The difference will be made in how we grow. No, I’m not talking about the kids… I am talking about the parents… the homeschool teachers… the Christian homeschoolers… are we continually looking for ways to develop professionally? As a novice, the teacher would continue as they are… simply content with the status quo. An expert is never satisfied with the knowledge or skills that they have. An expert will continually want to be learning to improve themselves.
In a recent study of expert and novice teachers, the teachers were required to begin a task with a new group of students. The novice teacher simply asked where the students were in the textbook, and how the previous teachers managed the class; preparing to simply take up where the previous left off.
The experts, on the other hand used a thought pattern similar to experts in other fields by trying to find out what the student’s knowledge level was through pre tests, learning games,  and Q and A time. Experts also planned to begin again with their own personal classroom expectations. With this in mind, it is clear that experts in the field of education are concerned at where the student’s educational mastery level is, and planning instruction that begins there.
My question today is… are we novices – trying to just cover the textbook or are we experts – matching instruction to where the learner is?

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