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   Feb 27

2012 Homeschool Statistics

Do you find homeschool statistics interesting? I sure do… these numbers clearly show that homeschooling is on the rise, and that most homeschoolers are doing a great job! Let me share a few of the numbers with you.

Total number of homeschoolers in the US 1,508,000 (this does not include homeschoolers enrolled in public school homeschooling programs or those enrolled in homeschooling academies/umbrella programs)

Average academic percentile of homeschool students 77th
Average SAT score 1083
Average ACT score 22.6
Reason most homeschool – Can educate child better at home.
Percent of Fathers with Bachelors degree or higher 66%
Percent of mothers with Bachelors degree or higher 62%

Interesting huh? Did you find something here that caught your eye?

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