Saying goodbye to summer… and hello to school!

I have to admit that I am so sad that summer is… well I hate to say it… pretty much… over. I enjoy the relaxed carefree days of not having to be up and “at it” every morning. I enjoy not having to make lesson plans and fight with children who don’t want to “do” school. Of course, with six children it’s pretty much normal to have someone in a bad mood at any given time. But… in the summer… who cares? You can leave them to themselves to play (or get their attitude straight …alone in their room).

Ahhh… but school days… it’s all so different. Many people stuck in a small room for hours a day… not such a pretty picture… but it works… most of the time! But to make it work I have to do alot of preparation. That’s pretty much where I’m bogged down right now. I have two older daughters that are in high school, and yesterday I spent about 9 hours creating a college prep course of study for them complete with spreadsheet assignment tracking. Now my 4 younger children are in my line of sight. Of course, I use an online elementary curriculum as a backbone underneath a mix of other “favorite” studies. This year, I’m looking at changing up what we do for math. Since I’m a math teacher- I’m not really worried that the text will ruin my child. I’m sure I could make most any math text work… I just feel like they need a little bit of a different perspective.  A language arts workbook that is comprehensive yet easy to do is my other tall order, and geography is gaping hole that I need to cover. I found these geography games, that would really help but I would like to find a simple workbook as well. I’ve still yet to find the bell ringer for each of these… but if you have any suggestions let me know! What about you… what is your back to school order?

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