Revolutionizing Spelling Curriculum

spelling curriculumWhen I first started homeschooling, I thought my kids had to conform to my previous classroom standards. I made myself and them miserable those first few years. In fact, I thought I had to teach each of our individual grades and their homeschool curricula in their entirety. I have six children, so that really began to make me crazy. My life began to change when I noticed how other homeschooling families used one curriculum to reach many different grade levels. This really made sense to me, and I could see how it would liberate my life!

One of my first moves in this direction was to begin using Spelling City. This online spelling program allowed me to quit teaching 5 different spelling levels. I simply had to enter in my lists into the program and assign them to my children.  The rest was up to them. They would learn the words, complete drill and practice exercises that I chose for them, and then take a spelling and or vocabulary test on the words. Spelling City also made my life easier by keeping track of their progress, and storing all of their grades! They also have printables that can make homeschooling a little richer including spelling flashcards! I immediately fell in love, and have been with Vocabulary and Spelling City for 5 years now. The games are interesting, the options are nearly endless, and the record keeping is taken care of… what more could I ask for?

My review can also be found at The Happy Housewife

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One thought on “Revolutionizing Spelling Curriculum

  1. Katie April 17, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    Your opening sentence is exactly how I would write about our start to homeschooling, except I wouldn’t say “my” classroom standards…just classroom standards in general. It was just nuts, how stressed out I was all the time. And my son was miserable. No fun. Like you, I was fortunate to find programs and websites and support, and when I began to realize that our homeschool really didn’t have to look like anyone else’s, we started to finally relax a little and enjoy ourselves. 🙂

    I am on year 3 with SpellingCity. As much as my kids love their core curriculum program, they will tell you, hands down, that SpellingCity is their favorite website! No pressure, and they can have fun with a subject that doesn’t fall anywhere near the top of their favorite subjects list, lol.


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