Sneaking it in…summer learning that is!

Sure, we’ve talked about summer learning before… I think we all agree that our kiddos need to be challenged with some learning opportunities during the summer. Yet, the problem that still exists is how can we accomplish this without making the summer a time of war? My answer is simply… let’s be sneaky!

With six children I’ve often found it’s easier to go in the “back door” than to confront an issue head on. So, with my children I will encourage them to do something with a motive that I KNOW they will find interesting. For example, I might really want them to brush up on their reading vocabulary or use summer learning to catch up on difficult subjects yet, if I go in guns blazing they will groan and moan and definitely not want anything to do with learning. I have to be sneaky!

What I usually do is find the most interesting (translates – most entertaining) method of learning that I can find to motivate them to learn during the summer. Seriously, we are competing with the swimming pool, bicycles, and sports… it’s definitely got to be entertaining! When I do that I can get them to complete a few lessons each day with minimal effort. In my mind, this fulfills the daily mental challenge!

We’ve done similar to this plan every summer for the past two years. It has seemed to work well, and the kids are jumping right back in when we go full time in the fall. So, what do you do at your house to “sneak” in summer learning?

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One thought on “Sneaking it in…summer learning that is!

  1. Glenn June 3, 2013 at 1:41 am


    Its an nice post ,Many of the CBSE schools in salem are also taking summer classes which makes children’s to make them relax

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