Middle School Homeschooling Tips

This is my month to focus on Middle Schoolers. Yes, I have TWO this year that are in seventh grade. I am blown away by how fast this is going. Seems like I was just starting to homeschool them just the other day! I’m not old enough to have all these college, high school, and middle schoolers….

1) The first place that I always start when planning my homeschooler’s year is their “passions.” What are they really interested in? I want to make sure that I include this in the classes and plans that I make for them each year. Yes, even if they LOVE science… they still have to do English too! I just don’t want to expect perfection from them if they aren’t gifted in that area.

2) Plan to include fun things. My kids really love art. Yet, if I get busy I’ll put this on the back burner. Yet, when I do – I notice that all of us get worn down and begin to just function in the rut. Remember… all work and no play? That’s exactly where this is going. They need to do fun things to learn. That’s another reason why I love using make a word search to use words that we are studying in both  homeschool science, history, math and LA.

3) Try to teach them to be more independent. For some of my children this has been an easy task, for others…..insane! Remember your goal…they need to eventually be able to work and go on to college WITHOUT you. Independence is difficult for the mom… sometimes… 🙂 It means your child can work alone, figure out problems, and continue on with their homeschool day even if you aren’t there. This also means that you aren’t needed as much as you were when they were little. I know, it’s hard but it’s a good thing.

4) Number 3 really hinges on this… teach them organizational/study skills. This is the key to getting them to be independent. If they can self organize and study on their own… they obviously will be become more and more independent.

5)Find a curriculum that meets their particular learning styles. My twins are very different from my other children. My older kids liked workbooks and writing, while the twins prefer something more engaging. Listening skills aren’t exactly their forte either, so finding something that keeps their attention and keeps them busy is a challenge for me.

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