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Well, in honor of the fact that this blog is “Online Education for Kids”, I thought that I would post about all my favorite techie things to use in our homeschool. I love using my ipad to teach my kiddos, and one of the most important aspect of that are the apps! The apps make it all happen, and so without further ado… here are our absolute favorites…

My pretty much all time favorite is the SHOW ME app. It’s free and it works like a white board and allows me to teach anything. I can even snap a picture of a worksheet and have my little guys fill in the worksheet via this app. I can even record a teaching session! How awesome is that?

I love McGraw-Hill learning apps. We have several of the math ones including multiplication and fractions. They work well and they thoroughly help the student drill and practice.

For all of you who struggle with homeschooling spelling curriculum. Your answer lies in the Vocabulary and Spelling City app. It works great, is easy to manage through your regular account and the kids love learning their spelling words this way!

My kiddos are all taking music lessons and love music games. We love the GRAND PIANO app because it is fun yet it encourages the kids to use the proper keyboard fingering as they learn various songs. This is very fun and interactive!!

If you love learning about space and constellations. The SKY VIEW app is incredible. You simply take it outside and it shows you the planets and constellations that are in your sky right now. It highlights them through the camera view on your ipad! This app is sooo cool!

For those of you who are history buffs, the SMTHSONIAN app is for you. It has episodes of The Smithsonian shows that you can watch on your ipad. We love the science and animal videos!

Another of our all time favorites is the METEOR MATH. It encourages quick thinking of all mathematical operations. You can practice addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. It continuously gives your child a challenge and allows the game to get harder with their increasing speed.

For our youngest MATH CAKES is a favorite for learning addition. She loves playing with cupcakes any day!!

Learning short vowels is easy with the SHORT VOWELS app. We haven’t downloaded the long vowels one yet, but plan to very soon!

The iLearn series is also very good. We like the CONTINENTS app to teach our kiddos about the continents of the world. We are studying this in our geography so it works great for us.

Last year we learned about the states and capitols and used several apps to teach this. STACK THE STATES, US STATES, and US PUZZLES were great to help us learn our states and capitols.

Brain Pop Jr. is also a really great app. However, this one requires a fee. It shows a weekly video that is educational and fun.

The NATIONAL PARKS app is pretty cool, might not be too useful at the moment… ๐Ÿ™‚

The ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA is a very nice app that allows you to browse A-Z as well as read top articles ย and even search.

I am sure that there are alot more that are great and useful for homeschoolers… can you share your favorites with us?

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2 thoughts on “Best Homeschooling Apps

  1. Katie October 15, 2013 at 10:26 am

    We also love Sky View, Smithsonian and Encyclopedia Brittanica. Believe it or not, my boys’ go to apps tend to be Wikipedia and the app, lol. I have to admit, I frequent the Wiki app at least once a day myself. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Barbara December 21, 2014 at 10:28 am

    I just spent the last two hours engrossed in your blog. Thank you for all the woufdrenl ideas and actions. I don’t know how you do it. You have the best actions and your photos are woufdrenl! I, too, am a stay at home mom, photographer/writer, and I have 17 years of home schooling under my belt. When I can, I WILL donate money. You are amazing.

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