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georgia homeschoolingSince this is a homeschool-online blog, and we are located in the state of Georgia… I thought that I would take just a second to review the laws that were passed regarding homeschooling this year. The laws that were passed went into effect for this school year, and make it even easier to homeschool your children in the state of Georgia.

1) Homeschoolers are no longer required to submit attendance records to their school superintendent. This makes it so much easier! Homeschoolers are still required to submit their intent to homeschool form, however, that can now be done online! Just click the link and you’re halfway there. This is definitely a load off of homeschoolers.

2) Even though parents are not required to submit the attendance record, it is required to be in their homeschooled student’s file. Thus, parents are required to keep a comprehensive file on their homeschool students. These records should contain:

  • annual attendance record
  • annual assessment for reading, language arts, math, social studies, and science
  • standardized test results administered every 3 years starting in the third grade

3) Another change in the law simply verifies that parents have the right to create any document regarding their child’s homeschool study to verify that they are homeschooling. This includes constructing transcripts, progress reports, and report cards.  These documents can be used to verify:

  • attendance for DDS (driving) requirements for permits and licenses
  • work permits for employment
  • receipt of state or federal assistance
  • requirements for universities, colleges, and technical schools
  • and for any other reason that may require verification of compliance to state law regarding attendance and grades

The bottom line here is that the state will no longer generate compliance forms for homeschoolers. I believe these contractions of their governance on homeschoolers have been limited to alleviate personnel requirements and paperwork. For whatever reason, I am glad that parents are given more authority in this area.

4) Finally, ACCEL funds are available for unaccredited homeschoolers that are interested in Dual Enrollment. This is great! That means if your high schooler wants to participate in dual enrollment they no longer have to be enrolled in an accredited homeschool. However, there are some fees and books that may not be covered, but no exceptional homeschool requirements.

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  1. Katie November 12, 2013 at 11:25 am

    We also homeschool in GA…thanks so much for all of this great info! 🙂


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