4 Resources for Literature Based Learning

So much of our homeschooling is based on literature.  Boiled down, it is the written, oral, or practiced word that instructs. I’m not always able to sit by my children and verbally instruct them… this is where good literature comes in handy. I can find incredible resources in many places some of which are so much fun!

1) The local library – of course! This is an amazing resource for the homeschooler. We love using the library – as long as we keep track of which books we have taken out. There is also a wealth of information on the Galileo system. If you library uses this, you can get free access with a passcode they provide.

2) Invest in good books – books can be expensive… but we can usually find good resources through Amazon.com or on half.com.

3) Online resources – you would be surprised at the amount of books that are available through the internet. Many of the classics that my girls have read during their high school years have come from internet sources – all for free.

Project Gutenburg – free ebooks

Classic Reader


4) Homeschool Literature is also a great place to find quality literature for homeschoolers. We love that site for many reasons but most of all because there is a whole section dedicated to literature written by homeschoolers!

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