Too much of a good thing?

The controversy about education continues to rage in our country. As we, in our complacency, continue to rank lower than most modernized countries around the globe. As a proponent of homeschooling, many would tell me to mind my own business. Yet, as a patriot of our great republic I want to see America’s children grow up to be global contributors. Yet, with all the money, dialogue, effort, laws, and standards that we are throwing at public education… it still continues to limp along.

Thomas Jefferson warned against too much government control of education. He realized that if education was completely controlled by government it would be badly managed. “The key to local school districts, according to Jefferson, is that they give parents direct and ultimate control over how their children are educated…Elementary education should be the concern of local communities under the supervision of parents; it should not be controlled by the Federal or State governments.” (See Thomas Jefferson on Education)

Talk about having prophetic vision. Thomas Jefferson truly could see the future. I am thankful that our founding fathers had enough insight to “build in” some safety features in the form of government checks and balances. Though over the past decades these limiting walls to our federal government’s extent of power have been crumbling. We are now looking at the CCSS (Common Core State Standards) as the future of education. The Federal government without directly requiring it, will bring the US States games into one arena. If unanimously adopted the CCSS will allow the government even more control. Simply put… it translates into more government control over education. Everyone answering to a common rule or standard. How can that work? The local communities, individuals, and parents are what make our nation great and what can once again bring education around.

Though there are a myriad of pros and cons of homeschooling, the easy thing to see here is that homeschool can play a huge part in bringing the level of education up in the US. I understand that many people feel it isn’t a big deal to lag behind these other countries. Why should it be when we are still a global leader in many areas? The issue is, we may not have that privilege forever. As a result of our complacency in this area we may quickly lose this privilege before we realize it.

What are your thoughts about education in America? What is the answer?