Christmas Break Activities

Well, all the Christmas gifts have been made, bought, and wrapped. Most of the Christmas parties are now over… so we’ve been on break for a while now… are your kids complaining about being bored? Mine are already claiming their fame and are actually ready to do some fun activities. A great way to fight boredom is to find some fun and exciting games or printables.

My kids love Christmas crosswords or even word search puzzles. Here are a few of our favorite Christmas ideas…

1)Christmas symbols word search

2)The Twelve Days of Christmas word search

3) Christmas coloring book

4) Christmas word play games

5) If you can’t find one that you love – make your own with this word search maker

6) Make your own Christmas cards

7) Make your own Christmas ornaments

8) Listen to holiday audio books and old time radio stories – many homeschoolers love The Cinnamon Bear epidsodes…

9) Make placemats and napkin rings for your Christmas dinner!

10 ) Listen to the Christmas story together.

Christmas Literature

homeschool christmas literatureThe holidays are certainly a crazy time of year, making it difficult to keep up with any type of routine. Yet, instead of allowing this to stress and give even more insanity to an insane time of year… let the holidays be a good reason to start a thematic reading unit.

I know, it sounds difficult… but really it’s an easy way to incorporate a theme into your homeschool for this month. ¬†You simply choose a book or several books, and your child reads through them. You can integrate this into the other subjects that you are studying as well. For example, to integrate your theme into writing you could have a reading response journal (just a notebook) and have your child record his/her thoughts each day after they have read in their book! For high school students you could have them start a blog (use this easy blog writing course for beginners) and use their blog as a journal for their reading! History and science can be integrated as well by incorporating what they are learning in the book as far as setting or discussion. If the book is set in a past time period, let that be your jumping off place to explore that part of history. It’s easy to make this connect! For the most part, when I use a thematic unit to teach… the kids seem to be more interested and eager to be a part!

Check out this great list of Christmas themed reading books to make finding great books a snap. Some of the books in this list have the complete book itself online!