10 College Apps that will change Your Life

OE4K college apps

Every new college student wants to be on top of things – especially the when you’re a “newbie.” Technology, smartphones, tablets, and laptops can make that happen easily, but apps are an integral part of making the most of those tools. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the BEST apps for making your first year of college…smooth sailing!

  1. Desmos – a super graphing calculator. Who wants to buy and carry around a separate piece of equipment?
  2. Go Financial Aid – a great tool for help with the FAFSA and other financial aid options
  3. Any.Do – a tool that helps students create daily to do lists in a checklist format.
  4. Ginger – an awesome app that not only spell/grammar checks, but also suggests corrections for writing errors! Your own personal pocket proofer!
  5. Koofers – a great educational aid that helps you study and practice for tests and quizzes.
  6. Easy Bib – awesome tool for creating those tedious bibliographies! Just scan the book’s barcode and it creates them for you!
  7. White Noise – perfect for creating white noise for studying when the world is crashing down around you! Also great for getting to sleep when your dorm mate is snoring!
  8. Google Drive – gone are the days of thumb drives and “saving documents.” Google drive is a free all in one resource that automatically saves your work and allows you to access it through your google account ANYWHERE! (includes documents, presentations, and spreadsheets)
  9. CamScanner – a great little app that allows you to take a picture of any document and turn it into a scanned image. You can export as jpg. Or pdf.
  10. EatStreet – A great way to stick to a budget and not be a starving college student, use this delivery type app to find the best deals on local food!