Making the Most of Your Homeschool Days

homeschool disciplineI enjoy being at home with my children, yet there are days that I feel more like a referee than a mother. Do you ever feel like that? I really hate feeling that way, and have recently been trying to find ways to keep my children from fighting and focused on their homeschooling and other positive things. Trying to get kids to think positively instead of negatively at every turn is a real feat. I have come to realize that my correction must be consistent and thorough to keep them on the right path.

This week I have determined that I PERSONALLY am going to be consistent with correction whenever they argue and are disobedient. Many times out of my sheer frustration or possibly laziness I’ll pass that responsibility on to my husband or even a later date. Yet, in reality that does nothing but provoke the issue, because the perpetrators are getting away with it! So, whether it is convenient for me or not… this week we are all going to be toeing the line. Not only kiddos, but parents as well!

Our homeschool is quite eclectic this year. Blended with everything from first grade homeschool curriculum to middle school writing we are using workbooks, videos, online curriculum and everything in between. Maybe the broad mixture is keeping it interesting… because all of them seem to really be “into it!”

I’ve also noted that for our family – a good routine works wonders. I have changed my organizational pattern this year to reflect more independent study. I am sad they are growing up, but it is my duty to teach them those skills that will make them successful without my help. So, independent study skills…here we come. I’ve noticed this week that all of my kids have responded very well to this and have actually seemed to enjoy getting down to business each morning.