Searching for Homeschool Friendly Colleges

I can’t believe I’m really wrapping up my homeschool journey with my oldest daughter. Time has really flown by. It seems like yesterday when we first brought her home and started homeschooling.

We’ve had some ups and downs but for the most part its been a wonderful eight years. She’s grown into a beautiful, respectful, hard working young woman and I am so happy to be her mother.

The only down side we face right now is the challenge of finding a good college and adequate financial aid to enable her ato attend. There is a myriad of options and financial labyrinth to navigate. I must admit these final months have been fobbed of their sweetness due to these massive decisions.

I am using a few websites for guidance as we make these life change decisions. These have been indispensible in the process…

1)Let’s Homeschool High School – in particular their article on homeschool-friendly colleges.

2) Homeschool Help from HSLDA

3) SAT writing resources – and Test help

4) The Federal Financial Aid Resource page

5) Homeschool Transcripts Help