Fixing the Gaps

Can you believe that it is already the middle of March. Time just seems to be flying, but our school learning doesn’t always fly at the same pace. For those of you who are wanting to finish up for summer break, you may be staring at a bit of a gap. I know there are a few subjects at our house that have just slipped through the cracks. Most of the time, it is because they are just not our favorites. That is sometimes my fault and sometimes the kid’s fault. Either way, I think it is good character training to make sure that our children finish as well as they start. I didn’t say that was easy – for any of us… just good practice.

1)      The first thing that I do is usually try to find the issue. Why are they not liking this subject? What makes it difficult? Is it the curriculum? Is it how I’m teaching it? Find the issue, and eliminate it if possible.

2)      If the curriculum was the problem, then find another one that better meets your needs. There are so many free offerings online – that if you can’t afford another one at this late stage – don’t sweat it… just “google” it!

3)      Find a motivation for them. You know your children. What motivates them? What are they passionate about? If you can incorporate this into the subject matter –  your kids will be overflowing with  motivation. This worked well for us with our third grade curriculum online – our kids are techie and love to use the computer…. pure motivation!

4)      Bring it back down… your child got discouraged somewhere… reteaching what you’ve been studying just below their mastery level will enable them to succeed and rebuild the confidence that they lost.

5)      Have a good time… learning never has to be dull! You can incorporate games, educational songs,  contests, and incentives to really put some punch into your lessons!