Homeschooling High School Free Downloads

Homeschooling high school involves creativity, organization, details, and of course… paper work. Don’t you love it? Well, to be honest, not really. Paper work is something that I just don’t have time for. Which is why these few amazing downloads can really “tame the paper tiger” and allow you to do what you really need to be doing.

I typically start organizing my high schooler’s schedule with a calendar. Sometimes, I will use an online spreedsheat which I make in Google Docs, and  other times I will use a paper calendar. Here is a free downloadable version of a 2013-2014 homeschool calendar.

I find it very helpful to start recording our homeschooling high school courses and course descriptions on some type of transcript as soon as they start highschool. Here is a great free high school transcript template.

Another frequently needed document that I often used to organize my homeschooling highschool endeavors is that of the report card. Though many homeschoolers really don’t use the highschool report card that frequently, there are times that a report card can be helpful. They are often required as proof of good grades for insurance purposes.

As you homeschool your highschooler it’s always wise to keep track of everything they do during these years. When you finish up their records make sure that you’ve recorded all of their accomplishments both great and small. Everything from volunteering to course work should be included and used as a way to create a “big picture” of who your student is. Whether your highschooler goes to college, becomes an apprentice, or some other grand thing… they will need a picture of what they accomplished during their high school years. It’s our job to make sure that picture is recorded accurately.

If you have some other great ideas for organizing your highschool homeschool, please share them!

Pain Free Math for Homeschool Highschoolers

curriculum directoryYes, I know you are wondering… homeschooling highschoolers(wow! lots of syllables in that!)? Sure, not many homeschoolers think that they can do it… but in reality it isn’t as difficult as it may seem. There are some tricks to helping your highschooler make the most of their college years. Though many enjoy science and history- math can be the real hold. Although, not every homeschool parent is cut out to teach their high school student high school math, there are websites and online tutorials that can really make the job a simple one.

For example, at Let’s Homeschool HighSchool they have a  homeschool highschool curriculum that contains all of the required subject areas for highschool. From this web page there are links to all kinds of great curriculum options. We use this curriculum directory religiously!

One of my all time favorite websites for helping me teach my children math and science is Khan Academy. This site covers almost all math topics for the high school level and some of the topics for Chemistry and Physics. Your student can simply search for a topic at their website, and a few videos will pop up. You then choose which one looks to fit your needs and a very concise reteaching of that concept is presented within the video. Most often it is enough to bring about true comprehension of the topic. Sometimes it is just the fact that someone else words the concept in a slightly different way. Whatever it is, it works.

Another great tool for high school math learning without a headache is the new Time4Learning High School component. They have all of the needed maths for highschool level learning, and each is presented with a video and interactive learning. These are high quality and fun! These are useful for the main core curriculum of your homeschool math.

Finally, I love using ALEKS math as a high school course if the student is wanting to take it for dual credit. You see, you can register and take an ALEKS course such as College Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Trigonometry, PreCalculus, and Statistics and when you finish you can transfer the course to ACE (American Council on Education) which will hold the credit until which time you are ready to transfer it to the college you student will attend. You just need to be sure to transfer the course and get confirmation from ACE before starting a new course with ALEKS. ALEKS does not keep records!

Homeschooling High School PLUS…

Homeschooling high school has really hit the fan at our house. We now have two of our six children in high school, and the reality that this is a big deal is really hitting me! I have to admit that to begin with I pretty much just stayed “inside the box.”  For the first few years that I home schooled high school we just did our thing. I didn’t worry too much about college, my daughter hadn’t really expressed an interest in what she wanted to do with her life… but now… she has some idea and the fact that college is so expensive has definitely awakened a sleeping giant at our house!

I recently became part of a website that focuses primarily on homeschooling high school. Through this site I found information that really changed how I looked at homeschooling through high school. The site is Homeschool College USA. This site showed me how to get your high schoolers college credit while still attending high school by simply using the CLEP, AP, DSST tests. Amazing!

What we have done now at our house, is to set up our course schedules to match several of these CLEP and AP tests. We will go through our studies as we normally do, but as we finish each course our finals will be taken as the CLEP or AP tests. I have reviewed the suggested course of study that my daughter will need to follow for the degree that she has in mind, and I have aligned her studies with those requirements. Hopefully, as she finishes high school she will have at least half of her college credits completed.

We’ve also begun to rely heavily on which has an amazing assortment of homeschool resources. Our favorites being the homeschool report card template, high school diploma templates, and high school transcript forms. I am so excited about this new discovery… how do you handle homeschooling high school?