High School Homeschooling

Ok – there’s something that I have been hiding – well not hiding…   exactly….  just not waving around like a flag.  Yes, here it is –  I have a child in high school… OK now I said it – there it is in print – I think that I have been living in denial about it most of this school term ( you know that whole “my little girl is growing up” AND “I am getting old” issue), but today I spent MOST of the day working on a research paper with her and the denial is definitely gone.  –  – OK – -maybe not completely gone, because I still want to tell you that she really did “skip” a grade in elementary school. So she isn’t quite as old as a normal high school student. Right…  excuses… that’s denial speaking!

Anyway, I really wanted her to get a good handle on writing, and was determined that she be prepared for college and able to write and research. My resolve was a bit shaken today… after several hours of trying to get through bibliography cards, brainstorming, and developing an outline.  It seems that just because I know it – doesn’t mean she does -(wow what a revelation!) No, not really – she had a great attitude about it, but I think her propensity toward perfectionism ( of course it’s not my fault) had a lot to do with the time it took us today – well, that and the 100 interuptions from coughing sick little sisters and a brother!

Anyway, I needed some alone time after we finished so I got online and checked out some writing resources.  Turns out there are LOADS of good resources for homeschoolers wanting to write better! Woohoo for me! I think I am going to do some more research on these and see if some of them would work for our homeschool next year.  In the spirit of internet love – I thought that I would share the really nice ones that I found today… you may want to check into them as well – especially if you have a     .    .   .uhhum.   .   .    high schooler  .   .   .

High School Writing Course

One Year Adventure Novel – teaches story writing

Notebooking Pages – helps to motivate writing

Homeschool Writing Resources

A Homeschool Writing Blog

Homeschool Writing and Research

Homeschool report card Template

Printable High School Diploma Template

Check back later this week for another installment of our testing mini-series.