Homeschooling and the Chair of Cheer…10 Fun Homeschooling Resources

chair of cheer tips for homeschoolingThere is this mysterious disease that my children get every year right before Christmas. It ends up being so contagious that they all come down with it, and everyone in our house is affected. In fact, some days it is so bad… that we can barely do school! Have you guessed what I am referring to?

You got it… it’s that crazy “visions of sugar plums” dancing in their heads… the general- ¬†fever inducing excitement over Christmas! I have to admit that it really drives me nuts at times. The kids are more wiggly, more talkative, more easily distracted… just more of everything! So, at our house it really isn’t the chair of cheer – but the chair of insanity that I reign in!

In any case, what do you do during the pre-Christmas insanity? There are days when I can get a regular work load out of my kids, but some days it’s all I can do to just to get them to play “games.” So, here is my list of favorite – crazy holiday – Chair of Cheer Games!

1) Vocabulary Games and Word Search Galore!!

2) All things Geography and Social Studies related!

3) Science games and videos for loads of learning and fun!

4) Cool math games and even more fun math learning!

5) We also use you tube to look up videos on things that we are studying in science and history and watch short videos! (Mom does this job!)

6) Story starters are fun ways to get your kids writing – and laughing!

7)Bible games to get their brains thinking!!

8) Input your own spelling lists and sit back and watch them have fun!

9) Art and music learning games!

10) Learn a new language with these free online language lessons!

Are You Becoming A Grinch?

… I was really feeling this one today…

The caroling, baking, shopping, partying, Christmas card writing, and gift giving are all part of this amazing Christmas season…but what about homeschooling? With all of this holiday hustle and bustle getting the kids to focus on learning can be nearly impossible. However, if you can take time to revamp your typical schedule to include the parties, the shopping, the baking, and the HOMESCHOOLING… you can have a plan that is actually do-able. Make goals that you know you can reach during this season. Revamp your regular schedule to be more realistic for the holidays. In fact, with all the traveling you may be more “roadschooling” than homeschooling anyway. Trying to make your normal schedule and meet your regular goals will only set yourself up for defeat in the end. Your children will feel better and you won’t be stressed if your homeschooling goals for this month are attainable!