Homeschooling in the Bumps of Life!

I really enjoy having everything in order, and being on schedule… that fits my personality…but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

This past week was a perfect example. I was ready to start school, had all my curriculum, supplies, and even a schedule… but then I got sick. I don’t usually get sick, so when I do it typically wipes me out for at least a week. Once again, that was the case. My great plans for starting school were totally blown out of the water. At first, I really let it get to me. After all, I had entered dates into the spreadsheets that I made for tracking my children’s progress.

As I lay there thinking, ( and believe me I had a lot of time to think) I realized I was being so foolish. I was worrying myself over nothing. This was WHY we homeschool… to enjoy the freedom to rearrange our schedule and to accommodate for real life. I was letting outside expectations alter my personal expectations. I had to step back, and refocus. We have a whole year ahead of us, plenty of time to get all of our lessons in.  So, in the mean time – I asked the kids to do some review lessons and some fraction games to get their minds headed in the right direction.

This little life incident helped me see that so often I put “what is expected” ahead of what we really need. If I’m not breaking any laws, who cares what people think. We home school for the best interests of our family… we home school for us!

Are You on the Fence about Homeschooling?

Is your child not performing up to your expectations? Are you dissatisfied with the level of education that your child is receiving? Do you just need a change? Are you considering homeschooling? Whatever your reasons… homeschooling is an outstanding alternative. There are so many options and so many ways to homeschool that homeschooling is now easier to do than ever.

Just like anything, there are pros and cons of homeschooling. We listed below a few just to help you get a better picture…


1. Homeschooling is flexible.  If you travel, it can go with you. If you love the outdoors, homeschooling can be done outside.

2. It meets the varying needs of the child, as well as the needs of the family.

3. It allows you to spend more time with your children.

4. It keeps your children away from much of the “peer pressure” influences.

5. It gives your child freedom to pursue studies that follow their strengths and their passions.

6. It allows your child to learn while feeling secure and confident.

7. It promotes the family in every way.

8. There are homeschooling options out there to fit almost every type of family and every different child.


1. It can be difficult for parents who work.

2. It can be a challenge for parents who don’t know how to teach. Yet, there are great curriculum out there that make allowances for this through DVD and online presentation.

3. The cost is all out of pocket.

4. There can be a bit of a learning curve. Getting to know what your children need, and how they learn best is the key.