Making Homeschool Grading Work

I know homeschooling is a full time job – maybe even with tons of overtime!! It isn’t easy always being on duty for these precious kids we have, but top that off with being responsible for their grades… well… now that’s just really rocking the boat!

While it is true that most homeschooling parents really hate to assign grades, it is a necessary task. Our children need the feedback that grades will give them. Grades do let our kids know if they are really understanding the material that they are learning, they allow them to gain confidence that they are learning and growing, and they also allow us as parents to see if we have been hitting the mark. All of these things while not earth stopping… are important to the learning growth of our children.

We have studied everything from earth and space to art curriculum… while each one has it’s intricate differences they all are teaching our children something. In this learning, grades can play an important role. Even though we may understand this, many homeschoolers still struggle with how to grade objectively and appropriately. Here are a few suggestions:

1) Have a settled grading scale for your homeschool

2) All grades should correspond to your goals and objectives for that course for the year. We should never grade on something that we didn’t study!

3) Grades should always be given objectively… you can do this by having a checklist for a particular project or report that needs grading, by using rubrics, by setting predetermined guidelines that both you and the student understand.

4) Always let students know the fundamental criteria that you have for grading their work.

5) Of course, once you have grades you must keep records. It is very important that you keep good records and record the grades that you have taken. These can tell you and your student a world of information if used properly.