Finishing Well…

Yes, unbelievably it is almost the end of the school year. How does it always happen this way, the year just seems to fly by. Now I am focusing on helping my children end the school year well. I am trying to reflect on my goals and to ask myself if we have accomplished everything that we started out to accomplish. Painfully, I am realizing that we have many gaps that need to be filled.Two of those high priority gaps include writing and geography.

I am trying to establish what I can do to effectively cover these two topics in the two remaining months that we have. I have found several super websites that we started incorporating into our daily routine. My goal with my fourth graders is to make sure that they know each of the US state names, locations, and capitols. We began using US State Games on Learning Games for Kids, as well as games from Sheppard Software. I am also looking into using an 8 week online elementary writing course from Time4Writing. There are several of these courses to choose from, each designed to meet your child’s individual needs.

What things are you needing to “get in” before the end of the year?