The Best in Summer Learning

The BestinSummer LearningUnfortunately our brains don’t stop once summer hits. Yet, who wants to work hard at learning – especially when there are so many fun things to do? Well, to be honest… I don’t. I’d rather sit by the pool and enjoy my summer… but I know… I know… we can’t let our brains (or our kid’s brains) atrophy. BUT – we gotta do it without stress.

Here are our favorite no -stress summer learning ideas!

  1. Need inspiration for learning – go to the king of inspiration – Pinterest!
  2. Find some great summer reading for middle schoolers and elementary age kiddos here!
  3. Choose an online summer school alternative!
  4. Bring a writing teacher along on your summer vacation!
  5. Get your kids hooked on a summer science program!
  6. Find great summer ideas for your homeschool highschooler.
  7. Have a garden? Use it as a learning tool – summer learning in the garden.
  8. How about a whole pinterest board on great books for summer reading?
  9. If “free” is your thing – check out free summer ideas for kids.
  10. Or – just break down and allow them to play computer games – but don’t tell them they’re learning games!

Guest Post this Week…

Hello my dear online family… we are having a guest post this week by another great homeschooling mom, Janet Sedano. Just so you feel like you know her, here’s a little bit about Janet!

Janet and her husband live in South Florida, where she was born and raised. They met 20 years ago when they were both single parents, he to an 8 year old daughter and Janet to an 8 year old son. They married and had 3 more children together. Their children are now 28,28,18,and 16 year old twins (boy and girl). Their twin daughter has Down Syndrome and is developmentally more like a 10 year old. While their two oldest attended public school, they have been homeschooling their younger 3 children since the beginning. Janet loves to share what she has learned with other homeschooling moms, especially moms of children with developmental challenges. Janet enjoys writing, reading and going to the beach. She is also a freelance writer for Time4Learning!

Stay tuned for her post!