Preschool Homeschool Fun!

preschool homeschoolingHaving a preschooler is always excitement. I know there are days when it doesn’t seem like so much fun, but even then there is always excitement. The preschooler is full of energy, giggles, and silliness; and they love it when other people join them. For this reason, I try to make my lesson plans for my youngest exciting and full of fun. Of course, since this is summer… things are definitely even more fun.

During the school term I usually schedule a few of my favorite tried and true curriculum work books for us to use, but then supplement with other great curriculum resources on my ipad and on the internet. This year we used Singapore math books for my youngest and a variety of other fun puzzle based books for language arts. We love to do jigsaw puzzles and play games as well! My youngest daughter seemed to really respond well to the animal games and other kindergarten science curriculum programs. Yet, during the summer… we typically just do the apps or computer programs, read together, and then spend lots of time having fun outside. A few of our favorite apps are cupcake math, short vowels, long vowels, meteor math, bob books, and seasons.

What do you do to make learning loads of fun for your preschooler? Comment and share below!

Begninning Phonics

Preschoolers are a wonderful age… so busy, so carefree, and so smart! But teaching a preschooler takes an extra dose of energy and patience! Yet, I love those early days of pre-reading activities. I have two children in that phase right now, and their curiosity is amazing! They love to stumble through trying to sound out their little words. Phonics skills are so important for this very reason. Teaching a child letter sounds, and blends, gives the learner a solid foundation for “sounding out” larger and more complex words.

It is amazing how a child with a great phonetic foundation can assimilate the rules and phonetic guidelines that they have learned into more complex issues. Compound words are easily sounded out when the child has thoroughly learned all letter sounds and can capably blend these with both vowels and other consonants.

These little ones don’t have much of an attention span. This is where many educators and parents lose the child. Being patient and only requiring a preschoolers attention for small chunks of time  is the best way to get the most from them. Young children are capable of so much, it really is quite amazing. Yet, the key is to take it in little chunks and allow the child to learn in short phonics lessons. You’ll get the most out of your day with a preschooler if you keep lesson to short 15-20 minute sessions. Keep it short… and keep it fun!