Our 10 Best Homeschool Posts of 2013

It is so hard to believe that it is already the middle of January! Time really flies! To summarize our year of homeschooling in 2013, I thought I would share our best posts! We’ve posted on everything from a weather lesson to High School homeschooling and everything in between! Since, it’s easy to move on and forget exactly what we covered over time I thought it would be nice to have a little reminder! If you have an all time favorite post – I would love for you to vote for it in the comments below!

1) Pain Free Math for Homeschool Highschoolers

2) Homeschooling the Big Family – Just a Few Tips

3) Getting Your Students Writing

4) Using Games to Motivate

5) Top 6 Ways to Organize Your Homeschool

6) Learning History with Summer Exploration

7) Express Yourself

8) Writing for Early Learners

9) Making Independent Learners

10) Homeschool Sports and Special Needs

Homeschool Sports and Special Needs

homeschool sportsAs homeschoolers, we often forgo aspects of learning for our children that we just can’t find solutions for. For many of us those things include sports, special education opportunities, and even fine arts. Yet, with a little intensive search those things can be readily available for most homeschoolers.

For elementary and high school aged children sports is often an important aspect of learning. Through sports children can learn how to function within a team, how to deal with tough spots, and how to understand that winning isn’t everything. Yet, in many cases homeschoolers have difficulty finding ways to get their kids involved in quality sports teams. Like special education, there are programs out there just for homeschoolers that can have lasting benefits. The only problem is that most of us have no idea where to look for these special programs for our homeschooled children.

Good news, I have recently found a site that is all things homeschool sports. In fact, it even has a great team locator that you can use to find a team offering organized homeschool sports in your local area. They even have homeschool sports news, newsletters, and information about college sports.

For special education needs, there are many informational sites out there are great resources. There are also some special curriculum offerings that make for superior learning opportunities for our special needs learning children.

Like most things that I have found in homeschooling, there is usually a solution to most of the issues that I’ve come across. Sometimes, I just have to look hard to find what I need. So, as you homeschool your dear ones, don’t give up when you come to a cross roads. Just take time to find a solution. It always makes the learning and experience that much more special.