Ways to Enrich Your Homeschool Studies

We have been homeschooling for many years, and of course – have several homeschool curriculum resources that we love and use frequently. However, there are times that we finish up early or that a particular course of study just doesn’t go as deeply as we had anticipated. It is during those times that we usually reach for a few of our favorite supplemental resources.

History Homeschool Supplements

We love to supplement geography with Sheppard Software online resources. These include games and puzzles, and have been very effective at teaching my children their geography. Sheppard has a lot of other offerings as well… we’ve just used their geography section as a regular school supplement.

Science Homeschool Supplements

online science curriculum

Another amazing program that works well for our family is the Science4Us online curriculum. It is only for K-2 grade so it’s span of use is limited, however, the kids enjoy it immensely.

For the older kids, we use Khan Academy quite regularly to help out with various Chemistry, Physics, and math questions. When mom isn’t around to give them help Khan Academy is the next best thing!

Core Subject Homeschool Supplements

home education

For general supplementary enrichment we use Time4Learning. It’s a great way to round out your child’s education. We always do a main curriculum, while working on T4L as well. It is something we do when we need a break from textbooks, or just a change in the regular monotony of school days. It works great for us, is very interesting and fun, and challenges my kids in areas that I sometimes overlook.


Another online resource that is great for breaking up the monotony is Brain Pop Jr. We use the ipad app, and they have a nice educational video that they post every once in a while. It presents and very educational topic, and is given using a cartoon style. The children love it and it usually gives them a little brain boost to get back to their other school work.