When to Call in Reinforcements?

Homeschooling is an endeavor that parents choose to do on  their own… however, while exercising that right – parents sometimes need to call in reinforcements.  The subject matter can become too intense for some parents, and by employing a more skilled teacher to convey those concepts to their child the parent can ensure that they are providing the best education possible for their child. I hear many parents voice concern over their children’s increasingly difficult subjects, but when asked about hiring a tutor or employing outside resources they seem to balk… Why?  I believe that in our minds as homeschoolers we feel we are “caving” or not truly carrying out our mandate if we bring in outside help.  Wait a second… homeschooling is not just the mom or dad teaching their child. When a parent takes on the decision to be responsible for their child’s education, it means just that… They are responsible. The don’t actually have to teach every minute fact to the child, but can be responsible for finding a quality teacher to teach the child the things that the parent cannot.

A quality teacher can come in many different forms, from online teacher directed courses to live tutoring sessions. Any way you take it, if we need to bring in outside help to make our children better then this is our homeschooling responsibility.