Homeschooling High School PLUS…

Homeschooling high school has really hit the fan at our house. We now have two of our six children in high school, and the reality that this is a big deal is really hitting me! I have to admit that to begin with I pretty much just stayed “inside the box.”  For the first few years that I home schooled high school we just did our thing. I didn’t worry too much about college, my daughter hadn’t really expressed an interest in what she wanted to do with her life… but now… she has some idea and the fact that college is so expensive has definitely awakened a sleeping giant at our house!

I recently became part of a website that focuses primarily on homeschooling high school. Through this site I found information that really changed how I looked at homeschooling through high school. The site is Homeschool College USA. This site showed me how to get your high schoolers college credit while still attending high school by simply using the CLEP, AP, DSST tests. Amazing!

What we have done now at our house, is to set up our course schedules to match several of these CLEP and AP tests. We will go through our studies as we normally do, but as we finish each course our finals will be taken as the CLEP or AP tests. I have reviewed the suggested course of study that my daughter will need to follow for the degree that she has in mind, and I have aligned her studies with those requirements. Hopefully, as she finishes high school she will have at least half of her college credits completed.

We’ve also begun to rely heavily on which has an amazing assortment of homeschool resources. Our favorites being the homeschool report card template, high school diploma templates, and high school transcript forms. I am so excited about this new discovery… how do you handle homeschooling high school?

Homeschooling High School

The high school student is an amazing and wonderful creature.  It is that child that we hugged and kissed to make their booboos better… just a little taller and a little more mature!  They are still those sweet inquisitive people, they have just changed form.  I am so excited to see the really nice people my teenagers are growing into! Yet, that doesn’t take away the difficultly level of homeschooling these wonderful young adults.  I have found alot of super curriculum to help make our journey a bit more enjoyable.  We use Rosetta stone for language, Apologia for science, I teach her math, and she does a literature based study for history… but with writing… well that is a whole ‘nother story!

We struggle with writing… so using a blog format to get her creative writing juices flowing was super.  She enjoys the creativity that goes along with the blog, but she actually writes on  her own, which really is half the battle!  If your high schooler struggles with learning to blog, why don’t you check out a blog writing course? There alot to be learned about how to manage and write well for the cyber world. So, reach for those resources that really make homeschooling the highschooler manageable!