The Best in Summer Learning

The BestinSummer LearningUnfortunately our brains don’t stop once summer hits. Yet, who wants to work hard at learning – especially when there are so many fun things to do? Well, to be honest… I don’t. I’d rather sit by the pool and enjoy my summer… but I know… I know… we can’t let our brains (or our kid’s brains) atrophy. BUT – we gotta do it without stress.

Here are our favorite no -stress summer learning ideas!

  1. Need inspiration for learning – go to the king of inspiration – Pinterest!
  2. Find some great summer reading for middle schoolers and elementary age kiddos here!
  3. Choose an online summer school alternative!
  4. Bring a writing teacher along on your summer vacation!
  5. Get your kids hooked on a summer science program!
  6. Find great summer ideas for your homeschool highschooler.
  7. Have a garden? Use it as a learning tool – summer learning in the garden.
  8. How about a whole pinterest board on great books for summer reading?
  9. If “free” is your thing – check out free summer ideas for kids.
  10. Or – just break down and allow them to play computer games – but don’t tell them they’re learning games!

Summer RE-construction…

How did your hoemschool year go? I think our really went well. We had changed up a lot of things this past year… so I was a little nervous about how it would fly. Yet, I think I am still going to change things up even more next year.

I use the months of June and July to research and learn about other currciulum that looks interesting to me. Then in the month of August I put together my master plan… and then order. I love how every year even with six different children with varyin needs and interests… the master plan seems to weave together amazingly. I usually have my doubts about how it will also work together, but most of the time it seems to mesh amazingly well.

The key to getting things to work well is to know your children. Understand their strenths and their weaknesses and then try to find curriculum that will match these. Each year I vow to deconstruct or tear apart what I did last year if it didn’t work. If you are willing to change everything to make sure your children are learning… that will make the difference!

If things didn’t work too great for you last year, keep looking. There are so many awesome ways to teach from unit studies, homeschool portfolios, distance learning, and even great books! There is something out there… even if you have to make it your self… that will work for your family and enable you to RE construct your homeschool with purpose and a design that will benefit your children for years to come.