My opinion about Homeschool Learning

Forgive me… but today I just have something to say. I’ve been hearing so many “wonky” ideas on learning lately that I just have to put my opinion out there! So that is what today’s post is… my opinion.

Homeschool Learning takes on many forms from learning through vicarious experiences, online resources and even educational songs to texts, workbooks, and literature. From every aspect the homeschool learning process is amazingly flexible and resilient. There really is no limit to what you can do with education in your own home and done your own way.

The opponents of home school education will often downplay the positives focusing on things like socialization, political correctness, and religious education. Yet, the success of homeschooling I believe comes directly from what I mentioned above… it’s flexibility. You see, learning doesn’t take place in  a vacuum ( or classroom) as some people believe. Learning is organic and comes naturally in its most pure form. So, the natural learning that takes place in the process of homeschooling is essentially fulfilling each person’s innate desires to learn. Every person was created with a hunger to learn, how else can we explain the huge amount of information that is learned in the first few years of life. It’s the experiences that we have in life that altar that desire to learn, sometimes even snuffing it out.

In contrast, the simply homeschool life that encourages and appreciates learning the little things along with the big things is what makes our children life long learners… so there… my opinion.

Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Homeschool

This little list is written from a “tongue in cheek” perspective…

1) You’ll spend all day every day with your children. You just might get to know them…

2)Your children won’t get to experience the bullying, peer pressure, and political correctness that are offered at the government schools.

3) Your children might flourish under the one on one attention and just may get ahead of their peers.

4)You get to choose who your child spends time with each day

5) It is up to you to find a curriculum that meets your childs needs and fits their learning styles. Their education will be customized just for them.

So, if this hasn’t deterred you, getting to use a phonetic approach to reading, spending lots of time reading aloud, working on projects, delving into studies that interest you… hmmm… I just can’t imagine education any other way!