Homeschool Math – Manic Mania or Amazing?

Homeschooling math can be fun or frenzy. There are always topics that even the most gifted math students have trouble with. What do you do when your homeschool students have trouble with something?

My first response is to reteach the whole lesson. This is usually my go to method. I’ll reteach the lesson in a different manner than the first time I taught it in order to make sure that I cover everything in a comprehensive manner.

Another approach is to go through the lesson again with the use of manipulatives. Using manipulatives to make connections to real world applications can make all the difference.

A third option is to actually take the math to the real world. Find some way that you can immerse the child into a project based method of learning. This is a great way to make the math “real.”

Finally, learning math facts as part of a foundation of understanding can be very beneficial in building upon those foundational math facts. Make sure that kids know their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts and math will be a bit more easy to build upon.