Which Middle School Math is right for Us?

middle school mathYour child just finished up sixth grade and now you are faced with decisions of how to prepare them for what they need to take in high school and beyond. It can be a daunting task, and let me tell you… it’s just the beginning. ┬áBefore you know it, you’ll be making high school decisions, and then college decisions. It goes too fast… but I digress…

How do you decide what to teach your Middle School students? From simple machines to art curriculum… it’s hard to know what they should be taking! Well, as I always say… refer to their strengths. Determine which areas they do awesome in and which areas they just “cover.” Those “strong” areas are where you should be putting your attention. For some reason, many people think our children should be masters of everything. I don’t… challenge their strengths for those are the areas that they will more than likely develop and follow in their pursuit of a career.

With that in mind, determine if your student is strong in math or not. From there you can decide if you want to go basic math all the way through high school. If you child is gifted in language abilities, there isn’t anything wrong with just covering what they need in the math area. On the flip side, you should be challenging the stew out of them in their “strong” areas!

1) Slower math learners should stick with the basic seventh grade math, eighth grade math and then basic high school algebra.

2) Typical math students could do either seventh or eighth grade math in their seventh grade year, pre algebra in their eighth grade year, and then Algbebra I in high school.

3) Faster math learners should definitely be challenged, and we as parents should help them in this! They can easily take eighth or pre algebra in seventh grade, and algebra I in eighth grade, thus allowing them to take more advanced maths throughout high school.

If you have experienced this with your own children, please comment and share with us!