Tips for Teaching Middle School English

ThumbnailI have to admit English is not my best subject. I know it, but I often find it difficult to get the info across to others. My Middle Schoolers really struggle with many English grammar concepts and they need my help… which often leaves all of us a bit frustrated. Here’s where I call on my online resources… we all know if we can’t teach it there is always someone out there who can!

1) Learning vocabulary, syntax, and grammar can be alot easier with an online Middle School English resource. We love using Time4Learning, but have also used Learning Games for Kids to practice our parts of speech. My favorite part of speech? …definitely contractions!

2) We also often use spelling and vocabulary lists to help us practice the various parts of speech and what they mean.

3) Writing is a must – and yet… dreaded by my Middle Schoolers. They are working on a research paper currently, but when that is over I usually try to give them fun and interesting writing topics. One of our favorites for this is the “Rip the Page” series for young writers. There are some super fun ideas that really get my kiddos laughing and enjoying the writing process.

4) Use the good old “Schoolhouse Rock” videos to make learning those parts of speech a blast! (Now, that’s classic!)

5) Finally, the most practical way to learn English grammar, writing, and even reading comprehension is to do it! Practice, practice, practice!