New Year’s Resolution… friend or foe?

New Years Resolution HomeschoolThe New Year is a great time for reflection and review. I usually spend some time, reviewing the previous year and mentally making note of how I could have done better or differently. I try not to beat myself up over things that ended badly.  I personally like to review the fall term of homeschool and see if there are things that should be changed to make our homeschool adventure even better. I usually look at every aspect from our spelling lists by grade to whether or not we need a writing tutor. A little introspection is good for the soul, but too much can often lead to depression. So, take it easy on yourself and let 2012 lead to ways you can make 2013 better!

After reading a little on the internet about how to make New Year’s Resolutions that actually stick, I realized that as we make these resolutions we often reach too high. We want to make a giant leap of faith, when we are really only ABLE to take baby steps.

1) When making a resolution resolve to do something that you are able to do. Take a baby step toward your ultimate goal, and practice that baby step every day until it actually becomes a HABIT! We all know about habits… they are certainly hard to break. So, the resolution that sticks is the one we turn into a habit!

2) Remember the rewards that your resolution will bring… when the going gets tough! Don’t focus on how hard this your resolution is, focus on the great reward the resolution will bring.

3) Allow yourself to be accountable to someone. When we make resolutions that only we know about, they are so much easier to break. Yet, when we let others know about our resolution – that adds an element of accountability and everyone can use a little accountability!

4) Use tools to help you successfully navigate your resolution. There are some super apps that help you stay on task, stay focused, and organize your life. Find tools that will help you in your quest to change.