Getting Ready for Summer Learning

Cozumel, Mexico - Going here in January! Hope it is as beautiful as this picture suggests. :DI know, this post just might not be the most popular post – especially with the kiddos. Yet, this year I am realizing that I need my children to keep on working through the summer. There are alot of areas that I feel they are slack in and could use the extra work. We’ve talked about it this week, and I must admit I felt as if their stares would burn a hole right through me.

Though my children do school just about every single day, there are still some gaps that I have noticed. So, our goal this summer is to fill in the gaps and get ready for the next “official” grade.

My first grader has a bit of dyslexia. She is struggling with reading, and is getting pretty frustrated. I plan on keeping her working on basic phonics skills and small readers throughout the summer. We will use the first grade language arts lessons from T4L to help her review what she has already learned. I also love Bob books, and will use those in conjunction with a Disney princess early reader. (simply because she adores Disney princesses!)

My third grader does well with her writing and grammar… however, at our house this is the pivotal year for multiplication tables. She understands multiplication, but just doesn’t have the “facts” down. We will be working through those during the summer- getting them to the rote memory stage. I love using kids learning software along with other math learning games.

My seventh grade twins are both doing fairly well. They are currently writing their first research paper (translate- I’m losing my hair). They also have begun learning some basic algebra. So, during the summer we are going to continue using Time4Learning as a supplement and reviewing the spelling lessons through Spelling City’s customizable lists.

3 Ways Your Library Can Help You Homeschool

Have you visited your library lately? It just might be time to pack the kids in the car and take a little afternoon field trip. Your library has great resources that can help you homeschool, and most at a price you can’t resist… FREE!

Many homeschoolers use children’s literature and trade books to educate and inspire their students to learn. Charlotte Mason even advocated this type of learning, yet she called these books – “living books.” The people who write trade books write them with more passion than what our students get from the basic textbook. You can teach your homeschool child all they need to learn simply using the free books available at your local library.

Yet, of course, we must love technology in our homeschool or this wouldn’t be called “online” education for kids. At our house, we use both technology and rely heavily on books. We use the library in many ways from paragraph writing to the study of phonics. Whatever your homeschool style, the library has much to offer you in many ways.

1) The library clearly marks most of its children’s books with the approximate grade level on its spine. You can find subject matter to match your studies easily this way.

2) Children’s literature at the library can be used to teach multiple grade levels. For example, if you are stuyding the Civil War, your high school children can check their appropriate grade level books on that subject, and your elementary students can find appropriate books for their grade level.

3) A subject study using children’s literature can give the student a broader view of the subject. Instead of getting just the isolated facts, this type of study can give students a broader view including the history, background, and other characters surrounding the story line.