Homeschool Science

It seems like everyday we hear of some new technology or scientifically based discovery. It is so amazing, but also makes educating our homeschooled children in this subject all the more important.  A good science curriculum is very hard to come by.  In the last few years, I have found a few favorites that really meet my expectations. However, I will try to make a comprehensive list of the quality homeschool science curriculum that is available.

As I have mentioned before Abeka and Bob Jones are probably the oldest curriculum out there. They do have a good track record and definitely get the job done.  Abeka is available as a basic parent/teacher led curriculum or as a DVD/internet based lesson. Either way the curriculum is top notch. Bob Jones is of similar quality, and they have a satellite program available to homeschool students that puts the student in touch with the teacher and classroom. However, when you have many children to teach science to each day – Abeka and Bob Jones can be very time consuming. 

 This is what prompted me to “shop around” the last few years.  I was literally pulling my hair out trying to teach 4 grades of science and history at once. I went on a hunt for a science curriculum that I could teach to all four of  my grade levels at one time, that made allowances for their achievement levels, and that presented the information in an easy to understand yet challenging way. It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon Apologia Science. I had finally found what I had been looking for. We have used this science for 2 years now. We notebook this subject and the children enjoy it immensely.

We also use a supplemental science curriculum that is internet based called Time4Learning. It has interactive games and activities that teach the lesson and let the children practice what they have learned. 

 Another computer based curriculum is Alpha Omega’s new program, Monarch. They say it is well designed and computer integrated in a way that engages the learner. I have not used it, but I do know that behind Bob Jones and Abeka, Alpha Omega has been around almost as long. Alpha Omega also presents several other types of homeschool curriculum from Lifepacs to Switched on Schoolhouse.

A program that I recently discovered is Exploration Education’s Homeschool Science Curriculum. As I previewed it, I was impressed by the hands – on aspect of learning that it incorporated as well as the many testimonials on their website.

A few free science resources include: Lesson Pathways – this program started out as a paid subscription, but is now free, Core Knowledge, PBS teacher source, Hotchalk Lesson plans page, and a great educational search engine to find more free lessons online.

A few free science review games resources include: Free interactive educational games, Nobel Prize based games, Edheads activate your mind,  and Gamequarium.

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